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Alan RussellTrustees

Dr Alan Russell MD.,MB., BS Hons, BSc Hons, MRCP
Brampton, Canada
Email: Alan Russell

“I support the Siyakhulisa Trust because in the words of  Rabbi Hillel:  “If one saves but one person one saves the world”.   Everyone of us in the western world has the ability  to resolve the hunger of one child, thereby giving that child the potential to become a  leader in his/her own country.  A charity must be transparent, have excellent governance  and minimal overheads.  The Siyakhulisa Trust is such a charity.”  

Lynne BrownMs Lynne Brown BSc Hons, HDE, Dip Clin Nutr
Nutritional Therapist ex school teacher
Somerset East, South Africa
Email:  Lynne Brown

“Children are the life blood of the nation.  In order to achieve their full potential they need care, love, guidance and nurturing.  Through no fault of their own, many of our children receive none of these and the Siyakhulisa Trust is a means of providing the secure and loving environment that will give some of them the best opportunity to achieve their full potential.  Siyakhulisa is caring in action.”

Rosalee BradfieldSr Rosalee Bradfield RN,RM, Dip Intensive Nursing,  Dip Comm. Nursing Science.
Professional Nurse
Somerset East, South Africa
Email:  Rosalee Bradfield

“I have been a Community Nurse for the past 30 years and have always felt helpless in the face of abuse of our children.  The Welfare system has failed them and I have been witness to situations where children were returned to abusive situations as there was no other alternative to accommodate them.  Siyakhulisa is that alternative. It will provide a caring, safe environment where the child will experience love instead of fear and abandonment. Surely the right of every child.”


Alice Rawecki - our Coordinator of Educational Support from Canada to South Africa

Alice RaweckiMy name is Alice Rawecki , and I have been an elementary teacher for the City of Toronto, Canada since 1972. I formally retired from teaching in 2005. However, it has not prevented me from keeping an avid interest in working with young children. Today I continue to Supply teach when called upon.

My thought is that if one has energy and feels the world will be a better place then I am up for it. How I became involved with the Siyakhuilsa Trust? Several years ago, I was introduced to the Trust, through Dr. A.L.Russell a founder-member of this organization. He shared with me the wonderful work that was done through the Operation School Shoes Program where the 115 children were outfitted with new shoes and socks. There was something in the pictures that sent a message to me. So, in 2009, I decided to venture out and give it my best.
Never , did I think my teaching experience would bring me all the way to South Africa, in particular to be able to work with the children of the Mary Coetzee Children’s Home and William Oates Primary School in Somerset East. The trip was one that has kept me in contact with my good friends in Somerset East to this day! It has kept me motivated to continue however I can.

To have met so many wonderful people, is a true blessing!

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