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This is where we keep you up to date on Siyakhulisa news.

Schools opened on 16th January so two days later we invited our 6 learners to a small party straight after school so we could catch them in their school uniforms. They’re all very happily excited and looking forward to the challenges of the coming year. What a lovely bunch of kids they are too.

All 6 bursary recipients 2013

Boys from left to right are: Thobela Fillis Grade 8, Hadlyn-Claude Grade 9, Bathandwa Fani Grade 9

Girls from left to right are: Meagan Martins Grade 9, Rickeen Martins, Chevandré Adam Grade 8.

January 2013

Soup Kitchen

For a while now Trustee Rosalee Bradfield has been running a soup kitchen in one of the townships of Somerset East called Aeroville. This she has done mostly by using her own funds with a little help from Siyakhulisa. We plan to assist her more from now on and have already received some donations ear-marked for this project. On 22 December Rosalee gave the recipients an extra treat when she gave them a full meal and got some volunteers to play games with the children. As you can see many of the children are malnourished and the fact that they walk a long way to get their bowl of soup tells one how desperate they are.

See here for more pics.

December 2012

It so happened that when Mr Cowley informed us he would be keen to sponsor another learner to go to Gill, Chevandré Adam happened to be waiting in the wings hoping we’d be able to assist her. Chevandré Adam is a foster child well cared for by a lovely foster family. We were approached by the social worker at Child Welfare who checks in on this family and had seen the potential that Chevandre has, as to whether there was any chance we had sufficient funds to send her to Gill. We did not but a few days later we got the wonderful news from Anton Cowley that he would like to sponsor a young girl this time. He is already sponsoring Hadlyn-Claude who is doing well.

For more pics of our scholars see here (link to Scholarship Recipient Gallery)


When Alice was volunteer-teaching at William Oates School this young gent in Grade 6 at the time attracted her attention. He spoke of wanting to become a doctor one day and he appeared to have the potential to do well. When Alice heard that he was still top of his class in Grade 7 she decided he deserved the reward of a scholarship to Gill College. Thobela has not stopped smiling and we wish him well.

The Celebration of my 65th birthday - Alice Rawecki – April 2012


Not being one for birthday celebrations, I relented and thought that this one would be very special and it would be marked as another milestone in my life’s journey. It gave me another chance to share my interest in the work that is being done in Somerset East, South Africa!.This would be yet an opportunity to let others know that what has been done in the past for the Syhakhulisa Trust continues with all gears in operation.

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