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Lynne Brown
PO Box 344
Somerset East 5850
Tel: 042 243 0339

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Somerset East

Savings Account: Siyakhulisa Trust
Account No: 9197835105
Branch Code: 334418

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that focuses on providing care and support to orphans and abandoned or abused children, as well as other children and young adults requiring social upliftment. We believe orphaned children are the most vulnerable of all children because they have been denied their most fundamental right, that is, the right to have parents. We seek out opportunities where we can assist in providing them with a safe place to live, nourishment, clothing and a proper education.

The learners of today are the LEADERS of tomorrow:

Recently we have found a need to assist leaders who show potential and drive for further learning. By financially assisting these students, we believe that the benefits down the road will be a win-win situation for the student and the communities where they grew up. Each potential candidate is reviewed carefully following a specific guideline as set out by the Trustees. We have centred our attention on young people living in and around Somerset East however there may be special circumstances where a candidate comes from elsewhere. Our objective is to instil confidence in these young people and nurture them to become responsible and proud individuals who will be able to fulfil a role in their community if not in society.

In effect we are growing a future, one person at a time.

We pride ourselves in being a no-administration-costs organisation. All work is done by volunteers free of charge so that all funds collected are for the benefit of the children we are nurturing.

african styling