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“Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of the mine worker can become head of the mines, that the child of a farm worker can become president of a great nation” –Nelson Mandela

Nikki Jansen

Nikki is studying at the University of Western Cape to become a high school teacher. He is on a study loan from the government however since his first year, 2011, we have been assisting him with registration fees, transport costs to lectures and textbooks.

Bathandwa Fani, Meagan Martins and Hadlyn-Claude Hendricks

These three learners emerged from William Oates Public School top of their class in Grade 7 in 2011 and were identified by Alice Rawecki when she taught them, as deserving of a bursary to attend Gill College. They have each been awarded a scholarship to attend Gill College from 2012 to 2016. Hadlyn-Claude was awarded the Anton Cowley Scholarship and Bathandwa and Meagan are the recipients of Siyakhulisa Trust Scholarships.

Chevandré Adam

Chevandre Adam Chevandré was one of the top Grade 7 learners at St Theresa’s Primary School in 2012 and has been awarded the Anton Cowley Scholarship to attend Gill College from 2013 - 2017

Rickeen Martins

Rickeen has been awarded the Dr Alan Russell Scholarship to attend Gill College for her Grade 9-12 years as from 2013.

Thobela Fillis

When Alice was teaching at William Oates School in 2011 she was impressed by this young Grade 6 boy’s aspirations and dedication. He has fittingly been awarded the Alice Rawecki Scholarship to attend Gill College from 2013-2017.

Sue-Ann Schwartz

 Sue Ann Schwartz

Sue-Ann is studying through the Early Learning Centre to be a Foundation Phase teacher. Siyakhulisa is assisting by paying for the modules she is doing in 2012.

UPDATE: Sue-Ann qualified as a Foundation Phase teacher in 2013 and is currently teaching in Somerset East

William Oates Public School

William Oates

woms1This is a struggling no-fees school which Siyakhulisa has taken under its wing.
Alice Rawecki came out from Canada in 2011 to do a few weeks of volunteer teaching here. Before she left Canada she raised some funds and once she had identified what the most urgent needs were at the school she spent this money on white boards and chair bags.
The children loved her and on her last day put on a concert for her in which every child in the school participated. See gallery.
Alice was followed in 2012 by Pamela Hastings who also did a stint of volunteer teaching at the school.

Four of our scholarship recipients now attending Gill College are also from William Oates Public School

A large number of books have been shipped out from Canada by Kristine Ericson for the school’s mobile library.

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