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  Siyakhulisa Newsletter  
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Dear Visitor

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It’s been a while since I updated you on Siyakhulisa news and I do apologise for that. Where does the time go? I guess it’s a sign that we have been busy which means we have plenty to tell you.

Operation School Shoes 2014

Our most exciting event this year was kindly funded by one of Canadian benefactors, Pamela Hastings, who needs no introduction. We did a school shoes drive similar to the one we did in 2008 and surprised 100 needy children in four different primary schools with a new pair of school shoes and 2 pairs of socks. The pictures need no words. You will find more in our photo gallery on the website.  Thank you Pamela for this much needed intervention which happened just before Winter set in. It is heart breaking to see small children walking barefoot to school on an icy Winter’s morning. One just wishes we could have helped them all.

New shoes 1

New shoes 2New shoes 5






Update on our Gill College students

Our 6 bursary students at Gill College are hanging in there, some by their teeth! We have to keep reminding ourselves what a huge adjustment this is for them and that our expectations of them sometimes are a little too high. The extra Maths tutoring is a great help however Maths is unfortunately not the only subject in which they need assistance and sadly there is no one offering tutoring in other subjects. Thanks again to our donors who have contributed towards the extra tuition fees and thanks to Alan and Alice who are always looking out for our students, encouraging them by whatever means they have, such as nice little motivational letters.

We know these youngsters just need time and they will do us proud. Watch this space.

Nikki Jansen, student-soon-to-be-teacher

Nikki Jansen presently in his 4th and final year of studying towards becoming a teacher is at presenNikki Jansen Teaching Pract doing his practical teaching at a school. We have assisted him financially to a greater extent than normal this term  as he needed something a little smarter than student-wear to teach in and then there were the extra transport costs to the school to which he was deployed. We heard from Nikki this week. He is so enjoying his prac teaching and knows he has found his niche. Hugs of gratitude from the scholars and their many compliments are confirmation of this. Here we see Nikki with some of the other student teachers. There are also a number of student teachers from Missouri at the same school which has made this term even more interesting for him.

We always knew Nikki would make a good teacher and it has been a pleasure helping him to achieve his goals. Now it’s for the Education Department to realise his potential and place him the right school next year. We wish him success in his final examinations in October and November and hope that he will be posted to a school where he can make a difference.  

More books from Canada

The shipments of second hand children’s story books so kindly donated by Kristine and Shahbaz in Canada just keep on coming, the latest arriving this past week. It is always so exciting opening the boxes to see what’s arrived this time and then experiencing the joy of handing over to the various libraries. The books are being put to their best use in libraries as that is where more children and adults get to enjoy them.

A smashingly good idea!

One of our donors, Penny Preston, has made a few donations to Siyakhulisa in lieu of birthday presents to friends who have requested "no presents but rather a donation to the giver’s favourite charity". What a wonderful idea and we’re so thrilled that Siyakhulisa is Penny’s favourite charity!

As you all know donations, no matter how small, are always welcome and needed.
Our Bank details remain:
Somerset East Branch Code: 334418
61 Nojoli St,  Somerset East,  Eastern Cape, South Africa
Name of Savings Account:  Siyakhulisa Trust
Account No:  9197835105
Or you can simply donate through Monster Pay on our website. It works well, will cost you nothing in bank charges and it is safe.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards from South Africa where Spring has sprung!
Lynne Brown
And on behalf of Dr Alan Russell, Rosalee Bradfield and Alice Rawecki

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Lynne Brown
PO Box 344
Somerset East 5850
Tel: 042 243 0339

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